Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012 by Herzog & De Meuron And Ai WeiWei

Kind of like a 1970s skateboard park - that's been part flooded. Or like a Niemeyer (who did the beautiful 2003 pavilion) building pushed into the earth and the roof left Star Trek like poking out by itself like a toadstool to get rained on and soaked. The smell of cork everywhere is amazing. The light on the water is amazing, too. Inside, underneath, it's dingy and depressing and claustrophobic and you feel the WEIGHT of the water on top of you. You just want to get out to the light - though kids love hopping about the steps and champagne cork seats down there.
It's so much better than last year's doom stricken bunker pavilion, which I really hated: that pavilion was a sneer at summer and I found it to be an ugly lump on Hyde Park in the sunshine.
This year's pavilion, compared to that, is amazing: but it's not as powerful or wow wow wow as the RED CRAZED Jean Nouvel pavilion back in 2010 - who can forget the red, that is still there superimposed as a memory everytime one passes by?


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