Gilad Shalit finally home

Half Term

Anri Salas at the Serpentine Gallery

Stumbled upon an amazing show by Anri Salas (a new name to me) at the Serpentine Gallery. Live sax. Film. Clever porthole like 'windows' in the wall looking out at Hyde Park
like the lights of rooms on at night in faraway buildings in cities.
Loved the music box interpretation of 'Should I stay or should I go?' by the Clash - complete with vibration triggering ghostly drumsticks playing a snare drum.
Once outside, realized you can't see in through the 'portholes', only out.

Fast Company's Annual Design Issue

Interesting issue, even if the Steve Jobs article - about him resigning, though by the time I bought the magazine he had passed away - seems to underscore print's struggle to stay timely relative to digital journalism. The cover story is about four (now) graduates - Mariel Strauch, Tara Jasinski, Ada Ng, Alix Berger - who applied "their skills to real world problems: while studying at Cornell.
The quartet embraced a Design for America initiative and created a project to bring fresh(er) food to the university campus. The result was a farmer's market.

Elinor Carucci show at Sasha Wolf Gallery, NYC Sept 15 - Nov 5

Wish wish wish I could be there to see this show of Elinor Carucci's latest photographs. Elinor is a genius and has long been one of my favourite, favourite photographers.

Fanny Hoetzeneder pt.2

So while I'm deliberating over where to hang my Fanny Hoetzeneder print 'Chloe & Camille', Fanny sent me a link to new photographs, taken in France and Austria.

Indian Summer in Paddington

So August was a total washout and the Summer in general was a non-event. So like all Londoners, the past week has been a wild card - 80 degrees in October! Saturday, the 1st of October, was an old school Saturday July/ August London day, with 80 degree sun. I woke early it was so hot around six. The light out my bedroom window was gorgeous; kind of peachy.
I had a coffee leaning out the living room window while my wife and daughter read/ watched TV on the iPad.
Late morning, we fell across the street into Hyde Park and threw rugs down on the conker shells which were spiky and hostile - this was proof that the terrible climate-d August and early September kick-started a premature Autumn. Two weeks ago, it was grey and damp and I was out collecting conkers with my daughter in Hyde Park. And now, well it was like a summer day in the park. For a while i lay wiped out under a tree staring up
By lunch time, we were one of many picnic families. And the park was suddenly crowded.
It was good to relax and just lie on the grass. July in Cassis/ Marseille seemed too far away. And London's forced rushing and intensity had taken us over.
Didn't move from the same spot all afternoon. Nor did anyone around us
Around four, we staggered back to our place. And the light was even more beautiful
The day wound down around twilight; sounding nice with a Mark Kozelek/ Sun Kil Moon/ Red House Painters playlist
Spent the rest of the evening reading in bed. Right before sleep I took a final picture. I love the outlook from our place at night: the lights of the hotel shimmering

Tom Dixon's new home (apparently)

Speaking of Westbourne Terrace, Paddington, apparently Tom Dixon's leaving the neighborhood and moving into the long abandoned water tower at the top of Ladbroke Grove - across the street from his shop, restaurant and office. Handy for a split second commute. The tower seems to be under work: the views should be great.

Paddington Banksy or not a Paddington Bansky?

What looks very much like a Banksy turned up on the corner of Westbourne Terrace and Westbourne Crescent, Paddington, London W2, at the beginning of August 2011.
And since then, posts of twitter and blogs have been debating whether it's 'Bansky-esque' or genuine Banksy. As some have noted the fact that the boy's fishing rod trails across the pavement and down into the drain in the kerbside - a cheeky and humorous touch - wear the hallmarks of Banksy's work. And there are lot of people living in W1/ W2 who run in his circles.
Whatever the truth, so far Westminster Council haven't cleaned it off, so perhaps they're pondering this too. Regardless, it's a cool piece of art to have on the corner of my street.