Children's Yoga age 4-8, Indaba Yoga, London

As any yoga loving London parent knows, trying to find a yoga class in London for kids is difficult. The few that have been on offer until now tend to be the annoying kind that treat kids who are not eighteen months old like they're eighteen months old. You know the kind of classes: those baby and toddler yoga type classes where chiffon scarves are twirled about and rattles rattled and silly songs are sung: it's not yoga at all, more a nursery school-style playgroup session. But now, at long last, coming to the rescue is Indaba Yoga, a Marylebone studio that opened back in July 2011. The studio now schedules a proper children's yoga class for four to eight year olds every Wednesday afternoon from 4.00 until 5.00. My daughter, who is seven, tried it out for the first time this week. She really liked the teacher, the group of kids, the essential oils being burned, the foot massage the teacher gave each child and most importantly, the fact it was proper yoga  - this is a girl after all who is lucky enough to have practised yoga in India, so she's hardcore about knowing and getting the real thing. Yoga parents who are reading this and going, YES!, here's the info: Indaba Yoga, 18 Hayes Place, London NW1 6UA. Tel: 0207.724.9994. Ten pounds per class. 


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