A Fun Morning In London

So I came to the end of a leg of a big work project at 10 o'clock last night and woke up deciding to take a morning out to recalibrate. On top of that manic work fever lately, which has meant a stack of late nights, my daughter's school had a special history day today: all the kids were asked to come into school dressed as a significant historical character of their choice. My daughter straightaway announced she was going as Anne Frank. And set about studying the way Anne Frank wore her hair (the hairclip to the right). On which wrist she wore her watch (also the right). How she dressed. What kind of diary she had and how that could be emulated. Etc etc. She basically turned into Marlon Brando, Sean Penn, Robert De Niro and Co. doing their whole Method Actor thing. The whole experience of her getting ready for the day, given our family history and how she's slowly learning drip-feed style what happened to her ancestors during the Holocaust, gave me the goosebumps I don't know how many times. Anyway, so once I dropped her off, looking eerily like Anne Frank in certain photographs, I was ready to the max, for my 'Me Morning'. As I'm all written out since 10:01 last night, here's an illustrated account of what I got up to. 

A slow start to the day reading Valeria Luiselli's Faces In The Crowd at Fernandez and Wells, Beak Street. I've had some amazing coffees there recently. And the staff are really laidback about me sitting in there writing like a headcase at my laptop. 
A cool looking new sushi place on Lexington Street
Viva: Home to the best haircut in London. Ask to see the lovely and amazing Tara.
Was going to pick up another great Tri-Blend T from American Apparel but decided to blow the cash on magazines instead. Sorry Dov. 
Norman's fruit 'n' veg stall on Berwick street. I only buy fruit and veg from him. Great produce. And Norman (topless in the background) is a real character. PS: Best avocados in London.  
Not sure if Hix are being funny or if their neon X has broken down. I'm amused either way. And looking forward to having a birthday lunch there next week. 
The site of the old 'Whole Foods Market' aka Fresh and Wild on Brewer street. 
The brand new Whole Foods Piccadilly who have got me hooked on Rico Mexican Kitchen salsas. 
DKNY Bond Street: getting a face lift. 
Jubilee lips in the window of jeweller Solange Azagury Partridge, who I once had the pleasure of interviewing.  She's super interesting...
Selfridges magazine department. A slice of heaven for a magazine addict like me. Today I picked up the latest, just out issues of Milk magazine (see my recent piece about them in HuffPostUK), Vogue and Harper's. 
I love the name of this hairdresser on Edgware Road.
Green Valley Lebanese supermarket (recommended by Yotam Ottolenghi) side by side with a very old synagogue. There is hope for peace. 
Maroush deli: home to the best Baklawa in London. You just can't stop eating the stuff. 
If you want a fast Lebanese snack lunch/ dinner, there's nowhere better than Beirut Express. 
Pretty coloured fruit on Edgware Road always makes me smile
Nearly home. The shielding, leaning trees at this time of year look like an illustration from a children's fairy tale.
A neighbour's car on the street I live on sprayed with the weirdest graffiti slogan I've ever seen. Police?!

And then finally home....


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