Third Branch Of Nordic Bakery To Open On London's Dorset Street

You wouldn't know it yet other than for the shopfront wearing the distinctive, gorgeous "Nordic Bakery" grey, but this is soon to open as the third branch of Nordic Bakery aka home to the Best Cup of Coffee In London as well as insanely good cheese/ pickle sandwiches on dark bread and equally delicious cinnamon buns. At the moment, it's in the last stages of being readied for opening and apparently launching any day now.

This baby of the group joins the first branch on Soho's Golden Square (the busy, noisy one) and the second on Westmoreland Street (the quiet, shy one), a slightly obscure location just off Marylebone High Street/ New Cavendish Street. This new third branch will serve the Baker Street crowd nicely. Congrats to all the friendly folks at Nordic Bakery, on the expansion!


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