Rico Mexican Kitchen via Whole Foods Market Piccadilly

The new Whole Foods Market opened on Glasshouse Street, in Central London, this week and I went on the day of the opening, to check it out. Living in Paddington, I often make the trip across Hyde Park on weekends to stock up on things at Whole Foods Market Kensington (and usually, while I'm there I treat myself to a quesadilla at the Mexican place). Just as often, I was going to the Whole Foods on Brewer Street aka the old Fresh & Wild. So I was pretty excited that Soho was going to get a store as big or bigger than WF Kensington. When I went to try out the new WF Piccadilly, I stumbled across some enticing salsas in the refrigerated section by a company I'd never heard of called Rico Mexican Kitchen. There was a nice little blurb about the company's Mexican founder, Marcela, on a Whole Foods shelf tag, which persuaded me to try out their Salsa Verde

An hour plus later, at home, I popped the lid just to try a taste as a pre-dinner snack with some toasted strips of Vogel's Soya and Linseed bread and was blown away by how delicious the salsa was. My wife tried too and loved it and next thing you know, we'd eaten the whole pot (and being from Los Angeles and a real connoisseur of Mexican food, trust me my wife is not easy to please when it comes to eating Mexican food or products in London).
Next time I go to Whole Foods Piccadilly (probably tomorrow), I'm going to buy one of each of Rico Mexican Kitchen's salsas - if they're anything like as great as the salsa verde, then I'm super excited by this new discovery - thanks Whole Foods Market, for the matchmaking.


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