"The Ocean Gives You Life, Doesn't It?"

So I was in my current favourite coffee shop this morning, working on my latest book and a woman who worked in the coffee shop was talking behind me with a guy having a snack and a coffee. The conversation was about how she went swimming at the weekend, taking advantage of the great weather. The water was cold, but she'd loved being in the sea. And he ended up saying something about how he used to live in California and he didn't get it "how people used to just sit on the beach staring at the sea, not even swimming in it or surfing". The woman who worked in the coffee shop said, "Well the ocean gives you life, doesn't it?" I sense it went right over his head, but my god, what she said has stayed with me all day. What a beautiful thing to say/ think. Once home later on, I dug out some recent photos of the Indian Ocean that I took on my iPhone while in India. Here are a few of my favourites. It was early evening and I wasn't swimming or surfing. I was just staring out to sea...


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