Wow: Marion Deuchars' Menus for Carluccio's

I went with my family to try out the new Carluccio's off Marylebone High Street, on Paddington Street, late this afternoon. It was the first time we'd felt inspired to set foot in a Carluccio's in a long time. I had a great Affogato and the girls had ice cream. This Carluccio's is a surprise: it's quite neighborhoody in its feel and distinctly removed from the usual Carluccio's chain feel. It has a laidback intimate atmosphere and the staff are super friendly and easygoing. We were served by Bianca, who was great. A really nice way to relax on a Sunday afternoon. The icing on the cake was noticing the incredible menus which are illustrated by Marion Deuchars. Oh my god, my seven year old daughter said. Is it the same Marion Deuchars who made my book, Let's Make Some Great Art?! I love that book!

Yes, it is the same Marion Deuchars, as in ace illustrator Marion Deuchars.

And a quick google on getting home reveals Deuchars has been collaborating with Carluccio's since last Summer. Here's a blog post she wrote in July 2011 about the work: “(It's) an ongoing project (relationship)  to provide 6 menus a year for Carluccio's Restaurants. The job is like being an 'artist in residence" I use the cafe, draw there throughout the year and compile a 'sketchbook' of things happening at Carluccio's . I then use that source material to compile the seasonal menus. It's a dream job, I like sitting in cafes, I like food, I like to draw both.”


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