The Flat White Method Of Keeping A Coffee Shop Door From Clanging Shut

I don't know how we'd missed out until now but I suddenly realised I'd never had a coffee at Flat White, a very popular coffee connoisseurs' hangout on Berwick Street in London's Soho. The place was rammed, so we queued just in the doorway. While we were waiting, my seven year old daughter noticed and became obsessed with the Flat White crew's brilliantly inventive home made coffee lovers' device which works as a weight pulley system stopping the door from clanging shut. We shuffled forwards and it was my turn to stand holding the door half open, which caused the pulley weight device to dangle in the air. An unassuming American woman was standing just inside the door, beneath the device. When someone needed to leave, I opened the door wider and inadvertently lowered the home made device so it thudded on the American woman's head. Woa, she said, shocked and turning around to find a bunch of coffee paraphenalia dancing on her head. Seriously funny.

Flat White's Legendary Stop the Door Clanging Shut Device

The coffee was great, too. And Flat White get points for calling out the order in my wife's name as follows, "Coffees for Anna. Or Anna spelled backwards!" 


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