Paddington Banksy or not a Paddington Bansky?

What looks very much like a Banksy turned up on the corner of Westbourne Terrace and Westbourne Crescent, Paddington, London W2, at the beginning of August 2011.
And since then, posts of twitter and blogs have been debating whether it's 'Bansky-esque' or genuine Banksy. As some have noted the fact that the boy's fishing rod trails across the pavement and down into the drain in the kerbside - a cheeky and humorous touch - wear the hallmarks of Banksy's work. And there are lot of people living in W1/ W2 who run in his circles.
Whatever the truth, so far Westminster Council haven't cleaned it off, so perhaps they're pondering this too. Regardless, it's a cool piece of art to have on the corner of my street.


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