Indian Summer in Paddington

So August was a total washout and the Summer in general was a non-event. So like all Londoners, the past week has been a wild card - 80 degrees in October! Saturday, the 1st of October, was an old school Saturday July/ August London day, with 80 degree sun. I woke early it was so hot around six. The light out my bedroom window was gorgeous; kind of peachy.
I had a coffee leaning out the living room window while my wife and daughter read/ watched TV on the iPad.
Late morning, we fell across the street into Hyde Park and threw rugs down on the conker shells which were spiky and hostile - this was proof that the terrible climate-d August and early September kick-started a premature Autumn. Two weeks ago, it was grey and damp and I was out collecting conkers with my daughter in Hyde Park. And now, well it was like a summer day in the park. For a while i lay wiped out under a tree staring up
By lunch time, we were one of many picnic families. And the park was suddenly crowded.
It was good to relax and just lie on the grass. July in Cassis/ Marseille seemed too far away. And London's forced rushing and intensity had taken us over.
Didn't move from the same spot all afternoon. Nor did anyone around us
Around four, we staggered back to our place. And the light was even more beautiful
The day wound down around twilight; sounding nice with a Mark Kozelek/ Sun Kil Moon/ Red House Painters playlist
Spent the rest of the evening reading in bed. Right before sleep I took a final picture. I love the outlook from our place at night: the lights of the hotel shimmering


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