Missing Person: Mania Gerber

This woman, Mania Gerber, went missing around 1940/ 1941 when fleeing Poland from the Nazis. She was travelling with her brothers Shmuel Gerber and Izaak Gerber and Izaak Gerber's wife Aita Gerber and their three year old son. The family originated from Katowice, Poland and fled East when the Germans invaded Poland. They may have settled in Lvov and then Odessa. Mania Gerber was separated from her brothers perhaps in Lvov or Odessa. The brothers, both watchmakers, settled in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. To this day nobody knows what happened to Mania Gerber, if the Nazis murdered her in the Lvov ghetto or Belzec death camp deportations or if she was lost in Odessa and murdered in the 'Holocaust by Bullets'. This photograph is the only evidence that she ever existed and belongs to Shmuel Gerber's daughter who today lives in Israel. If any Holocaust researchers can trace this woman's fate or records, please get in touch.


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