Colombe Schneck

Got all books by French writer Colombe Schneck on my reading wish list after just discovering her work.
Drives me nuts when I discover a writer like this whose work seems amazing only to find no U.K/ U.S publisher ever wanted to publish her writing in English. Having published an Israeli film book in translation myself recently (see earlier blog post about Shira Geffen's Jellyfish), I know all about the dramas and challenges of bringing a work from another language into English and the costs (author advance, translator fees, translation time, designer, printer) and how booksellers get really sniffy and huffy about literature in translation. And yet: that's no reason for a great writer or great book not to make it into the English language.
I'll be reading these novels with a French dictionary in hand, but it'll be worth it. Call it reader's hunch.


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