New Toy Arrived This Week

Inspired by TOAST Marylebone High Street who were recently playing old records on a Dansette "suitcase style portable record player" in their shop, Urban Outfitters who have been selling a new format portable record player this summer in their stores and also Balade Sonores on Avenue Trudaine in Paris (who are big time revivalists for vinyl), I did some research and ended up buying this Steepletone record player through Amazon. It's got great sound. The set up took less than minute. And it's really nice to be able to enjoy records again. Music plays raw and muddy and it gets loud enough. The weird thing is how much more you actually pay attention to the music when it's vinyl. It makes the iPod seem so disposable and plastic and lazy and horribly non-interactive. With a record player, you have to actually work to get the music on: cueing the arm, dropping it in the right place, changing Side A to Side B and so on. Having grown up listening to records until CDs came along, it's really nice to re-connect with vinyl. 


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