Barbes Market, Paris

We were staying five minutes from here, so it was easy to check out. Everyone said, "If you go there, WATCH YOUR WALLET AND BAG". This was a no brainer since every time we got out at Barbes-Rochechouart metro, there was either a heavy police presence or the police were busy arresting people. For years, this metro has been a black market 'tabac', where knock off cigarettes are sold. All that aside, the market was seriously crowded and intense and colourful and a lot of fun (think Marrakesh dropped in Paris) but the only trouble we got into was getting sold some done-for donut peaches by a cheeky trader. That was offset though by finding a Moroccan bread stall: I was able to buy freshly made M'ssemen bread, which I sometimes get on Golborne Road in London, from L'Etoile Patisserie. Having said that, I did get shouted at for taking photos... 


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