Jean Touitou on the A.P.C/ Carhartt collaboration

Carhartt is in many ways the epitomy of the endless golden west, so brilliantly portrayed by Woody Guthrie, and which has been with us for so long. Wandering towards glory, a journey which is to take you away forever, and lonely teardrops will be shed along the path.

Pioneer spirit, gold digger... to tell you the truth, I have never thought much of these myths, and I find them somewhat nauseating. Nevertheless, its uniform has always meant hitting home base for A.P.C.. I have always tried to emulate this viewpoint that, when convenience is really to the point, the outcome is genuinely beautiful.

Therefore, a collaboration between Carhartt and A.P.C. was clearly the thing to do.

Work clothes are pretty good at leading a life of their own: they’ll ramble on, talking to themselves in your wardrobe, and will always be there for you. It is also true that they speak louder once worn, dirtied, soiled, washed and dried in the open air.

This is just what we suggest you should do...

Jean Touitou


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