Fanny Hoetzeneder/ "Chloe & Camille"

It's been a long time in the making, but over the holidays, I finally got my Fanny Hoetzeneder "Chloe & Camille" print framed by Frame, Set & Match in Notting Hill. They did a great job, as usual and after a shuffle around various prints, "Chloe & Camille" is settled on a living room wall, adjacent to one of our prized Elinor Carucci prints and above my daughter's 1950's antique yellow and red French school desk. There's a connection here, since Hoetzeneder is from a small town near Lyon.
It's just a stunning photograph and like my wife said, Ever since we hung it, it's like it's always been in our home. I like that it blew up troublesome and ended up raw and grainy: originating as it did from a digital camera. Here's the image as Hoetzeneder shows it online:
Even though Hoetzeneder's studying Film now at LCC in London and less focused on photography, I hope she makes more series of her intimate circle.


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