10 Great Films From Argentina

1. The Swamp dir. Lucrecia Martel

Pretty intense, especially the beginning: I think of it as sharing a little bit of mood with Dogtooth and Attenberg.

2. Family Law dir. Daniel Burman

A small and beautiful film about reconciling being a son once you become a father.

3. XXY dir. Lucia Puenzo

Ines Efron is incredible in this film.

4. The Holy Girl dir. Lucrecia Martel

Reminded me a little of some of Almodovar's films. Brilliant performance by Maria Alche.

5. Lost Embrace dir. Daniel Burman

Imagine Woody Allen relocated to Buenos Aires..

6. Suddenly dir. Diego Lerman

Very influenced by Jim Jarmusch's first two movies: it's a bit hit and miss but worth seeing.

7. The Fish Child dir. Lucia Puenzo

Ines Efron is again great, even if the film loses its way towards the end.

8. The Headless Woman dir. Lucrecia Martel

Pure Almodovar inspired melodrama.

9. Don't Look Down dir. Eliseo Subiela

A surreal film that doesn't always work. But there's something winning about it eventually.

10. Nine Queens dir. Fabian Bielinsky

A good 'Hollywood' style movie.


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