Bon Appetit magazine: Cooking with A.P.C's Jean Touitou

Bon Appetit magazine has a feature online this month about Jean Touitou. It's a story about the A.P.C founder cooking and relaxing with family and A.P.C insiders at his massive 17th century chateau near Paris

Touitou, now 60, lets Bon Appetit into his family life. His 18 year old son, Pierre, is mentioned as studying to be a chef. And other photographs show Touitou with his wife, Judith and their younger children, including their daughter, Lily

Touitou, ever the provocateur, tells Bon Appetit, "If you have one good chicken, one good cheese, one good fruit, you're good." The feature has a particularly nice pic of Touitou and his daughter Lily cooking together - guess behind all of A.P.C's  CBGB's rock 'n' roll cool, Touitou's a big softie of a Dad, just like we all are


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