Visiting Unité d'habitation (Cité Radieuse)

Following on from visiting Le Corbusier's Le Cabanon in Rocquebrune the previous year, when I spent Christmas in an apartment in Nice, it was great last week to make a pilgrimage to his legendary (built 1947-1952) building Unité d'habitation (Cité Radieuse) in Marseille. It's amazing to see in person: its incredible influence everywhere since: Goldfinger's Trellick Tower in Notting Hill and around the corner from where i live, in Paddington, Lubetkin's Hallfield Estate, are totally based on this same 'everything you ever need in one place, where you live' concept. The Le Corbusier, once dubbed "La Maison du Fada" (the madman's house) is quite run down today and has a hotel on one floor.
The colours outside and inside are fantastic
I was struck by the differing materials, especially the beautiful wood
And I loved the attention to fascinating detail for instance these classical almost Roman looking lights
and amazing Deco-inspired staircase handrails
The ultimate was the rooftop pool and the views over Marseille and to the sea


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